A romantic city in Vietnam - Dalat

A romantic city in Vietnam - Dalat

Da Lat city is a highland at Southern of Vietnam, about 330km from Ho Chi Minh City.

The weather is very cold at early morning & night and very hot at afternoon. The temperature can reach 14 degrees in end of December.

The best time travel to Dalat is November to March, flowers with full blooms and the temperatures are ideal for sightseeing tour 🥰

Da lat city full with beautiful landscape & tourist attraction, it is also well known as "City of the Flower"

Coffee shop with themes, with unique decorations will be a good place to gather with friends, to take IG photos as OOTD 🤗

If you are nature wanderlust person, Dalat definitely will be a hidden gem & right city for you to embrace with sunrise & sunset, no matter at the mountain, lake or road in Dalat city. 🤗

Remember to bring more warm clothes to balance up with the cold weather. 🤣

Every where in the Dalat city is full with romantic fresh air, is a worth city to explore with the one we love ❤️

Her beautiful name is Dalat, not Danang 😎

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